CSU Digital is considered a pioneer and one of the most innovative companies providing technological infrastructure and digital solutions in the market.

We offer the best, safest and most complete digital services platform with numerous solutions for payment methods and embedded finance, complemented by a broad portfolio of services that derive from this ecosystem and arise in the day-to-day of each operation, such as risk analysis and compliance tools, automated customer onboarding, offer of loyalty and incentive programs, customer service, sale of new services, billing and collection, among others.

We work in partnership with companies from different market segments, such as banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, e-commerce, telecom operators, energy companies, department stores, oil distributors, cosmetics companies, and many others through a B2B2C model (Business-to-Business-to-Consumer) – that is, we offer our services to a company that, in turn, offers it to end customers.

The services offered by CSU Digital join the objectives and strategies of each customer with the technological, market, and operational expertise of each of its Business Divisions:

  • CSU Pays encompasses all cutting-edge solutions in Payment Methods, Loyalty and Incentives, and Banking as a Service.
  • On the other hand, CSU DX focuses on the development of Customer Experience operations with high technological and digital density.

Below is a more detailed analysis of each of the solutions contained in our Business Divisions:



Based on our full service operating model, we offer a complete range of services and solutions for payment methods, ranging from the origination, processing and validation of transactions to the administration of multiple electronic payment methods, fraud analysis and prevention mechanisms, the entire operational back office for risk analysis, invoicing, collection and customer service, in addition to processing solutions for acquirers.

With regard to payment methods, we have the broadest portfolio in the market which includes credit, debit and prepaid cards, whether physical, digital (mobile and wearables) or virtual, in addition to digital wallets, instant payment (Pix) and cryptocurrencies, ensuring the processing each of these transactions in a fluid, agile and scalable way.



Our Banking as a Service (BaaS) ecosystem has a complete service architecture, either through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or through our white label application, which include the possibility of receiving and transferring funds electronically, paying bills, top-up, issuing and paying payment slips, digital cards, among others.

Built on a robust and agile technological platform, our solutions provide security and efficiency for any company (embedded finance) to be able to offer financial services to their customers, suppliers, employees and partners, allowing for the attainment of new revenue and value streams.

As the company’s newest solution, this front is becoming remarkably relevant in our strategic plan, especially considering the technological revolution that financial solutions have been experiencing and which are already part of Brazilians’ lives.

The demand for financial, payment and/or credit services is increasingly competitive, leading customers to seek personalized experiences. It is against this backdrop that, for companies, it is becoming essential to create even more affection from their customers with their brand, understand a little more about their financial lives and reduce red tape for financial transactions in a customizable way within their ecosystems.



The programs included in this ecosystem are offered by several companies with the purpose of retaining their consumers. The proposal is to reward customers for using their credit card for their purchases, allowing them to earn points, giving access to a catalog with products and services available for redemption at a discount at partner stores or through cashback.

Along the same lines, incentive programs are becoming more common in the business environment as important tools for motivation, awards and recognition, mainly focusing on sale generation and expansion. Allied to the concept of gamification, incentive programs can be applied in dynamics to engage employees to expand their dedication to business guidelines in order to reach the final prize: redeeming points achieved for a product or service.

Targeting these two market niches, our CSU Pays Business Division has one of the best market solutions to promote relationship marketing actions and programs, e-commerce and loyalty and incentive programs through the OPTe+ technology platform.



Observing the needs and evolution of our customers’ card operations, CSU Digital joined the Brazilian Customer Experience market. This segment progressed significantly in recent decades, evolving from just an ancillary service supporting sales of traditional contact centers, offered through a single communication channel (telephone), to become an option for integrated and supplementary services such as technical support, customer relationship related to cross selling, up selling and billing, in addition to a wide range of processing, back office and business process automation activities.

The need to interact with customers anytime, anywhere, on any channel, using any type of device demands the creation of an ecosystem of constant innovation, especially if each of these interactions are to be integrated with critical systems.

As technology evolved in recent years, the insertion of service robots, algorithms and machine learning, recognition and fraud prevention technologies as well as digital service channels, have become part of the reality of the industry.

Therefore, we have been directing our efforts to projects with greater added value and complexity, prioritizing those that demonstrate synergy with our other operating ecosystems.