With an eye toward maximizing results and consolidating its market position as a unique company focused on being Brazil’s leading provider of consumer high technology, client relationship and electronic transaction processing services, CSU has developed a distinctive strategy built upon guidelines that the company deems to be relevant.


Focus on the pillars of performance

Independence, which means maintaining itself free from other companies and their boards, and without exclusivity arrangements with any of its clients;
Diversification, which involves offering a broad portfolio as a means of creating advantages for selling services that may reduce costs and diversify risks, generating new opportunities to expand the customer base and market share;
Technology, which requires necessary investments being made to keep the Company on the leading edge of product offerings, quality and security; and
Specialization, translated into the offer of services adaptedto each client, based upon the Company’s proficiency and expertise, thereby permitting expansion of its commercial relationships.

Accelerated expansion of activities

Based on its full service model, CSU seeks to rapidly expand its major operations through an intensification of activities for clients who are already in its base, leveraging its diversified portfolio to offer additional solutions, enhancing the cross-selling opportunities from this base.

New business development

Since its founding, CSU has been focused on innovation. The company constantly evaluates new opportunities and diversifies its sources of income through investments in new technologies. This enables the rapid development of expertise and helps the Company achieve new levels of growth.

The establishment of new CSU businesses embraces the following conditions:

i) markets with significant potential,
ii) high growth rates,
iii) significant operating margins and,
iv) synergies with existing business units.


Competitive Advantages

CSU maintains competitive advantages that reinforce the Company’s position in the market and bolster its potential for continued growth.

vantagens competitivas


CSU operates totally separate and apart from other companies and their boards, and without exclusivity arrangements with any of its clients, which ensures favorable conditions as regards the treatment of strategic information and the confidentiality of its clients, allowing a unique positions in the market. This independence strengthens CSU’s ability to sell services and secure new customers.

Leadership and Scale

The Company’s performance in all business segments, coupled with the scale of its operations and synergies among the CSU’s business units, guarantees its capacity to develop innovating services and solutions with the best cost-benefit ratio.

Technology and Security

Investments in technology allow CSU to offer customers what is most innovative. Maintaining a proper development team gives the company the ability to develop and adapt solutions for each client.

The Company has an internally created back-up infrastructure located on an exclusive and independent website, with hierarchical segmentation related to data and information access levels. The configuration ensures customers secure information handling as well as operations without significant interruptions.

Diversification of services focused on action

CSU’s complete solutions portfolio provides customers with advantages secured through economies of scale and increased competitiveness.

The diversity of services offered enables cross selling from the base, diluting costs between business units, which allows for prompt adjustments to be carried out to maintain adequate market pricing. It also expands the conditions necessary to assure customer loyalty, which is verifiable through CSU’s volume of contracted services.

Experienced leadership and integrated management

The CSU team has extensive experience in the industries in which the Company operates that is aligned with the Company’s Mission and Vision, as well as its Management by Objectives model. Its top executives acquire a comprehensive understanding of CSU’s businesses, which allows them to be more assertive when establishing guidelines for corporate growth.


In an ever-changing world, the pursuit of innovation is a factor that leads to success.

CSU is a company whose DNA makes it technology-driven and able to anticipate changes in consumer habits, markets and business cycles. Being attuned to customer desires and finding new solutions for them is what drives the company.