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The acquirer is responsible for the affiliation to the commercial establishments, in other words, they register the establishments to accept credit cards from one or more labels as a mean of payment. Furthermore, the acquirer manages the affiliation contracts and the commercial relation with the affiliated establishments. Each acquirer is linked to a label. In Brazil, the main acquirers are Redecard (labels Mastercard and Diners Club), Visanet (label Visa) and Amex (label American Express). The acquirers charge the affiliated establishments a percentage of each transaction effected and pay the Labels an interchange fee for the use of the label’s system.

Affiliated Establishments

They are the commercial establishments registered (by the acquirers) to accept the credit cards and/or other cards as electronic payment means for the goods and services offered by such establishments, like supermarkets, garments shops, gas stations, department stores, restaurants, drugstores and pharmacies, among others.

Affinity Cards

They are credit cards equipped with a label, which group card holders with similar affinities, showing, as an insert, the trademark or logo of a non-profit organization (trade associations, clubs, various associations, non governmental organizations).


Audible Response Units, automatic dialing response.