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Various electronic means of payment, including credit cards, private-label cards, co-branded cards and payment vouchers, but excluding debit cards.

Cards Issuers

Those are institutions, financial or not, which issue the credit cards, manage all the operation of the card and co-ordinate all the procedures between card holders and labels, including its processing, which might be done internally or by third parties through the cards managing company. The relationship of the cards issuers with the labels is done through a franchise contract, which represents the main income source for the labels.

Cards Management Companies

Those are companies which are contracted by card issuers to make the operational activities of the cards cycle. The card management company needs the approval of the labels to process cards equipped with that label, and its processing requests a great technological sophistication, as well as high level of security and confidence in all steps of the transaction. Cards without label may be processed in less complex environments.


CSU´s card management business Unit.

CardSystem´s main market

The outsourced credit card management market, excluding therefore those cards managed internally by their issuers or managed by firms that belong to the same economic group as their issuers. We estimate this market at 21.0 million credit cards, or 31.0% of the total number of existent cards in Brazil .


They are credit cards equipped with a label which associate companies’ trademarks with strategic joint interests and enhance additional services and benefits offered in the conventional versions. The card holder, using the co-branded card, accumulates points, which are further converted into prizes or benefits to the acquisition of products from the trade name showed on the card, as particularly airline companies, insurance companies, car manufacturers, newspapers and magazines. The co-branded cards hold further benefits for the card issuers because it represents an excellent sales channel and, consequently, represent a way to expand its client’s base. The owner of the trademark on the card will make a profit, because the card holders show loyalty to this trademark, which serves as a source of additional income.


The CSU business Unit responsible for credit analysis and approval, as well as collection


CSU´s call center business Unit.


Computer and Telephony Integration: a combination of hardware and software providing automatic access to the client registration database, streamlining service