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Power Dialers

Automatic Dialers - the operator has to start the dialing process.

Predictive Dialers

Automatic Dialers - the operator does not need to start the dialing process, which is managed by the exchange (ACD - Automatic Call Distribution).

Private Label

The private label cards are cards without label, which are presented as a mean of exclusive payments in specific chain of shops or shopping centers, and they may be issued by the own chains or networks or by the financial institutions. In terms of volume of issued plastics they are the most representative product of the Brazilian industry of electronic means of payment, specifically between the consumers of low income. Among the benefits generated, the main ones are the absence of annuity, the fidelity of the users towards the commercial establishments and the sales increase of such establishments. The private label cards issued by financial institutions are similar to the traditional credit cards where the issuers guarantee the funding of the transaction.