Operational Context

Created in 1992, CSU.DIGITAL was the first independent processor and administrator of electronic payment methods in Brazil. Taking advantage of its unique expertise in this segment, CardSystem, as the Company was called, initially offered card issuing and processing services to commercial banks.

At the time, the payment method market was incipient and restricted to a few issuers capable of managing the entire credit card cycle. At that time, only 120 thousand Brazilian commercial establishments worked with cards and the market was restricted to five million units.

Since then, CSU.DIGITAL’s history follows the path of the Brazilian payment methods market, a highly technological industry with levels of sophistication compatible with the world’s most developed markets.

Advances in the means of communication, the evolution of smartphones, new solutions and digital products, added to the changes in the Brazilian regulatory framework governing the universe of financial services, allowed the emergence of new companies and a broader offer of services to end consumers.

This scenario creates a range of new business opportunities for CSU.DIGITAL, as it encourages companies to increasingly opt for the digitization of their operations. To that end, they rely on the Company’s support and partnership to speed up the implementation of their financial ecosystems, reducing the need for large investments, thus keeping focused on their operations.


Strategies and Competitive Edge

Seeking to maximize results and consolidate its position in the market as the only company in the sector to offer such a broad portfolio – thus becoming the leader in the Brazilian market in the provision of high-tech services aimed at consumption, customer relationship and electronic transaction processing -, CSU.DIGITAL has developed a sophisticated performance strategy based on solid guidelines focused on building long-term relationships with its customers.


    • Diversified Services

We offer a comprehensive digital solutions portfolio in order to establish competitive advantages to sell services, reduce costs through economies of scale and diversify business risks and opportunities in the face of different economic cycles.

Our performance is based on offering Full Service solutions, a modality that has always been part of our DNA. This strategy generates new opportunities to expand our customer base as well as our market share.


    • Sale of New Solutions to Partners

CSU.DIGITAL seeks to rapidly expand its main operations by intensifying activities for customers who are already in its base, building on portfolio diversification (Full Service model) to offer additional solutions among the numerous existing opportunities for cross selling and up selling.

In essence, this extensive diversification of services offered deepens relationships with our customers and increases their loyalty, thereby making it possible to sustain attractive commercial conditions while promoting economies of scale for our business as the volume of contracted services expands.

Today, the Company is quite diversified as regards the generation of revenue from the different types of digital solutions offered and the partnerships established with 39 companies from various industries, which, from the perspective of results, make the business more balanced and sustainable and creates numerous growth paths.


    • Technology and Security

Constant investments in technology allow CSU.DIGITAL to offer the most innovative products to customers, whether related to digital solutions or systems infrastructure. Maintaining its own development team gives the Company the ability to develop and adapt solutions according to the real needs of each customer.

With regard to network and data architecture the company has world-class solutions, in both mainframe and server platforms, in an exclusive and independent site with hierarchical segmentation by access level, which ensure customers the secure storing and processing of information. It operates at an elevated degree of availability, added to the agile implementation of new solutions and new customer operations.


    • Seasoned Management and Expertise

Our team has extensive experience in the industries in which the Company operates and in CSU.DIGITAL’s businesses, increasing the assertiveness level in choosing guidelines for corporate growth.

The Company counts on solid foundations and a cohesive team well aligned with its Mission and Vision, in addition to the Management by Objectives model.

The Company acts in a consultative manner which translates into offering services adapted to each client, based on the Company’s know-how and robust infrastructure.


    • New Business Development

Since its inception, CSU.DIGITAL has constantly evaluated new opportunities for diversifying revenue sources through investments in new technologies and solutions that allow for the rapid development of new expertise and the possibility of expanding the Company’s growth levels.

The establishment of CSU.DIGITAL’s new businesses provides for the following conditions:
i) markets with relevant potential;
ii) high growth rate;
iii) significant operating margins; and
iv) synergy with current business units.


    • Innovation and Economies of Scale

In an ever-changing world, seeking innovation is a success factor.

CSU.DIGITAL’s DNA is made of the technology and sensitivity to anticipate changes in consumer habits, markets and business cycles.

The Company’s performance in all operating segments allied to the scale of operations and existing synergy between the business units allow CSU.DIGITAL to sustain a sound investment level and keep us at the forefront of new emerging technologies.

The proven ability of our team to develop innovative services and solutions with the best cost-benefit ratio supports the constant evolution of our operations with the consequent increase in all the Company’s main financial metrics based on its economies of scale.