ESG stands for Environment, Social & Governance. This concept refers to a set of good business practices that take into account environmental, social and corporate governance criteria. Companies with good corporate governance practices tend to have lower legal risks, for example, so these concepts are relevant to investors when choosing which assets to invest in.


As a technology company, CSU Digital does not generate significant amounts of carbon, waste or pollutants. Nevertheless, the company has a series of initiatives for the efficient use of natural resources and the appropriate disposal of waste.

The actions and monitoring of the indicators are carried out by two specific superintendencies, Information Technology and Infrastructure, which consolidate the information and report to managers on a monthly basis.

As part of the actions, we have initiatives disseminated by “infra agents” who act as facilitators and disseminators of knowledge about this agenda. They also make rounds at each of our sites, recording calls and observing checks on electricity availability and water consumption, among other things, in order to improve the management of the indicators.

CSU has consistently reduced energy consumption by replacing fluorescent lighting with LED lighting. It has also redesigned and retrofitted its air conditioning systems to improve energy efficiency.

In addition, the company is always trying to promote water conservation among employees through campaigns. On some occasions, we have opted for artesian well water supplies, since the way it is collected is less harmful to the environment.

The main materials used by CSU are paper, detergents and soap. As a result, we have internal awareness campaigns and a unified contract with cleaning, maintenance and security service providers, which guarantees the optimization of resources. Sediment is collected by a partner company with all the necessary licenses and certifications, which separates it by type of waste and disposes of it properly. Certified companies, in accordance with environmental legislation, also dispose of CSU light bulbs and electronics.


CSU Digital plays an important role in society not only because of the number of people it employs (+4,000 people), but also because it is one of the most important companies offering first jobs to thousands of people. The demand for professionals in our sector provides constant opportunities for new talent.

In addition, the company pays special attention to compliance with labor standards in all its business units, including compliance with time and attendance standards, payroll transparency, measures to improve the organizational climate, and audits.

We also have the CSU Institute, a non-profit organization that manages the company’s social projects, training professionals for the market through social and digital inclusion, with free computer courses using state-of-the-art equipment and qualified teachers. More than 30,000 people have been trained, including young people, women, retirees and workers with special needs.


In terms of governance, CSU Digital was the first company in its segment to be listed on the B3 segment of the Novo Mercado in 2006, a segment composed of companies with the highest level of corporate governance.

In this way, the company voluntarily commits itself to good corporate governance practices and greater disclosure of information than is already required by Brazilian law.

We have several sections on this website dedicated to this topic. In them, you can learn more about our major shareholders, management and committees, view the minutes of meetings and Board of Directors’ meetings, our bylaws, policies and codes, and also access our Governance Report.

Below are some of the items that investors should be aware of:

Corporate Governance Practices and Novo Mercado
Regulation of the Brazilian Securities Market
Disclosure and Use of Information


We also have programs to promote and monitor ethical business conduct and a compliance and anti-corruption program, including procedures to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing (PLDFT).