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Where are CSU CardSystem’ shares traded?

The CSU’ shares are listed for trading in the BM&FBOVESPA under the symbol “CARD3”. The Company has entered into an agreement with the BM&FBOVESPA to list its shares in the “Novo Mercado” the highest level of the differentiated corporate governance practices.

What is Corporate Governance?

Corporate Governance can be defined as a continuous effort to align companies’ management goals with shareholders’ interests. This involves practices and relationships among shareholders, the Board of Directors, the Board of Executive Officers, a Fiscal Committee or even an Independent Auditor. Good corporate governance permits an even better administration of the Company besides the monitoring of its executive management. Companies that choose good practices of corporate governance adopt transparency, accountability and equality as their guidelines.

What are the Company’s obligations and dividend distribution polices?

Pursuant to our Bylaws and Corporate Law, the company pays dividends for each fiscal year on the date stated during the General Shareholders’ Meeting or, in case there is no pre-established date, over the fiscal year subsequent to that which generated dividends. As there are amounts available for distribution, it is mandatory that public companies pay an additional amount as dividends (or “mandatory dividend”) equal to 25% of the adjusted net income for the year.

When and how CSU CardSystem disclore its information?

CSU discloses its material facts, notices to the market and other notices, earnings results simultaneously at CVM/BM&FBOVESPA and at the investor relations area of the Company’s website (, and sent later by email to persons registered to receive this information. To receive information by e-mail please register here.

How can I contact Investor Relations Area?

Investor Relations Area
Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1306
São Paulo – SP, Brazil
Tel.: (+55 11) 2106-3700|
Ricardo Ribeiro Leite – IR Officer
Jose Eduardo Martins Leoni – Director of IR