About the Institute

Always committed to the social and economic development of the community where it operates, in 2003 CSU founded the CSU Institute, a non-profit entity that combines Education and Technology, by capacity courses.

Since the beginning, the project has already assisted about 30,000 people, among young people, women, retirees, and workers with special needs who are looking for insertion in the labor market. In 2021 alone, the CSU Institute promoted the training of about 500 people in face-to-face and online courses, and benefited four institutions in a spirit of solidarity.

Located inside the Alphaview site, in Barueri, the CSU Institute offers several digital inclusion courses. All the actions carried out are free of charge and rely on methodology, state-of-the-art equipment, and qualified teachers.


CSU believes that providing support and training for entry into the labor market is the most efficient way to bring social and economic development to the community.


With the expansion of its activities throughout its existence, the Project accompanies the growth of the sponsor company, which increasingly values the importance of the relationship with the community and its citizen participation in the current reality.

The CSU Institute is CSU’s main Social Responsibility investment. But we don’t stop there. Through tax incentives promoted by the Government, part of the income tax owed by the Company has been used for specific social projects, through the “Culture Incentive Law”, “Sports Incentive Law”, “Law for the Elderly”, and “Children and Teenagers Law”.

The Company also makes available several projects and programs for young people and adults between 16 and 60 years old, besides constantly promoting solidarity campaigns that benefit countless children and families. To learn more about CSU’s actions click here

Mission and Values

To invest in the professional training of young people and adults for human development, through initiatives that enhance their individual capabilities.

The CSU Institute is directed to enable the complete formation of young people and adults assisted, enhancing its performance through partnerships and human valorization.


  • Valorization and investment in human formation;
  • Commitment to the development of the public benefited and to the continuity of the proposed actions;
  • Transparency in actions and information;
  • Participation in the social development of CSU.