Operational Context

Created in 1992, CSU Digital was the first independent processor and administrator of electronic payment methods in Brazil. At the time, the payment methods market was incipient and restricted to a few issuers capable of managing the entire credit card cycle. At that time, only 120 thousand Brazilian commercial establishments worked with cards, and the market was restricted to five million units.

Taking advantage of the differentiated knowledge of its founders and executives about this segment, CardSystem, as the Company was called, initially began to offer services to commercial banks for card issuing and processing, changing the course of this segment in the country.

Since then, the history of CSU Digital follows pari passu the trajectory of the Brazilian payment methods market, a highly technological sector with levels of sophistication compatible with the most advanced markets in the world.

The progress of the media, the evolution of smartphones, and the rise of new digital solutions and products, added to the changes in the Brazilian regulatory framework regarding the universe of financial services, had transformed the consumption reality in the country and the world and allowed the rise of new companies from the most varied segments and the expansion of the services offered to final consumers.

This scenario opens a range of new business possibilities for CSU Digital, by encouraging companies to opt for the accelerated digitalization of their operations and processes and seek more sophisticated solutions for their consumers. For this, they count on the support and partnership of our Company to speed up the implementation of their financial ecosystems, reduce the need for large investments and thus allow them to maintain the focus on their operations.

Competitive Advantages

CSU Digital is widely recognized in the market for its mastery in the execution of its services. The robustness of its technological infrastructure, the extensive knowledge of its team of business variables and the financial system, the high volume of investments in security, and its broad portfolio, added to the broad structure of Customer Service and Management, ensure unique operational stability.

Technology, Security, and Stability
Experienced and Specialized Team
Diversification of Services

Growth Strategies

Aiming to maximize its results and consolidate itself in the market as the only company in the sector able to offer such a broad portfolio in the provision of high technology services focused on consumption, customer relationships, and electronic transactions processing, CSU Digital developed a differentiated performance strategy, based on solid guidelines that aim to build long-term relationships with its clients.

Experienced and Specialized Team
Sale of New Solutions to its Current Partners
Selling Solutions to New Partners in New Markets
New Product and Business Development
Innovation and Gains of Scale