CSU Digital is considered a pioneer and one of the most innovative providers of technological infrastructure (infratech) for financial services on the market.

We offer the most complete and secure platform for digital payment solutions and financial products on the market, which can be made available embedded via API in multiple interfaces (CSU white-label and/or customer APP’s, market and/or CSU wallets, digital accounts, among others), in full or in part (modular systemic architecture).

This platform has been designed to integrate quickly with other platforms, allowing for an increasingly comprehensive range of services and a unique ability to adapt to the individual demands of each type of industry in which the companies that hire us operate. We are the only company on the market that is totally agnostic – multi-product, multi-currency, multi-bank and multi-channel – which gives us a huge advantage from the point of view of growth possibilities on a global scale.

But we don’t stop there. Reinforcing our operating model, which we call Full Service, using a lot of technology to automate processes, including the massive use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we complement the offer of these services with a series of other solutions designed to solve a series of challenges that arise in the day-to-day of each financial operation, such as risk analysis and compliance, customer onboarding, loyalty and incentive programs, customer service, the sale of new services, billing and collection, among others.

We work in partnership with companies from different market segments, such as banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, e-commerces, telecommunications operators, energy companies, department stores, oil distributors, cosmetics companies and many others, through a B2B2C (Business to Business to Consumer) model – in other words, we offer our services to a company which, in turn, offers them to end customers.

The services offered by CSU Digital combine the objectives and strategies of each client with the technological, marketing and operational capacity of each of its Business Divisions:

    • CSU Pays encompasses all state-of-the-art solutions in Digital Payments, Loyalty and Incentives and Embedded Finance services.
    • CSU DX focuses on the development of Digital Experience operations with a high technological and digital density in terms of customer service and back-office process management.

Digital Payments Ecosystem

We offer the broadest product portfolio on the market for digital payments, allowing the companies that hire us to adapt their offers to the end customer, strengthening and boosting their brands:

    • physical cards, digital cards (mobile and wearables) or virtual cards in credit, debit and prepaid modes
    • digital wallets (wallets)
    • instant payments (Pix and Pix on Credit)
    • cryptocurrencies

We enable fluid, scalable and agile processing of financial transactions as a result of our full-service model, which draws on a complete range of services such as:

    • issuance of digital payment methods
    • transaction capture
    • transaction processing and validation
    • fraud and chargeback analysis and prevention
    • systems and Back office for operations monitoring
    • invoicing, collection and customer service
    • accounting control

Our hybrid platform integrates the best of high/low platforms ensuring stability, security and uptime. At the same time, it ensures high flexibility to develop solutions that are fully adaptable to the needs of each business, thanks to the microservices architecture we adopt. Customers are free to choose between contracting through white label applications or partial integrations via API (Application Programming Interface).

In addition, we offer processing solutions for acquiring customers that provide a complete approach to the needs of the payments industry.

Orientation and Validation


Fraud Prevention

Back Office and Customer Service


Loyalty and Incentives Ecosystem

Our loyalty platform is a powerful tool that serves both companies that wish to engage and retain their consumer base while motivating employees, teams and partners through incentive programs.

These programs are intuitive and follow the “gamification” concept. Users are rewarded for utilizing, purchasing and/or offering products and services from the portfolio of our clients. Each real consumed or generated in transactions of this nature allows point accumulation. Subsequently, the user has access to a catalog of products and services available for redemption based on this score. Points are exchanged as follows:

    • discounts at partner stores
    • cashback

With a highly specialized team and differentiated technological solutions, we promote the efficient management of these programs and give our customers more autonomy to:

    • analyze sales campaigns performance
    • improve liaison rules and customer retention rate
    • adjust investment in advertising and marketing

There are more than 100 partners (+ 2,000 establishments) linked to CSU. They are available for our clients to add to their programs.

Drawing on the OPTe+ technology platform, these companies can also create a virtual shopping environment (marketplaces) giving users access to more than 500,000 products:

    • through our White Label app
    • via our Embedded Finance solution.
    • by incorporating our technology into proprietary applications.

With CSU’s loyalty solution, our customers and partners create a complete experience for their end consumers, while opening doors to generate new sources of revenue.



Management and processing of incentive programs points-based

Marketplace bringing together leading retailers, products and services for redemption of points

Integrated Campaign Manager

Embedded Finance Ecosystem

A complete, modular, and customizable platform designed to serve companies in the most diverse industries that seek to provide financial services to their customers and partners. With a flexible technology architecture, our customers can select the offering that best suits their business needs, either by integrating their systems to our platform via APIs or by offering a complete solution to their users through our white label app. Our ecosystem encompasses:

    • personal and Business digital accounts
    • cash in and cash out
    • payment of bills
    • top ups
    • issuance and settlement of bills
    • digital cards
    • instant payments
    • financial products (credit, investments, insurance)
    • marketplace

Built on a robust and agile technology infrastructure, our solutions offer security and efficiency for companies interested in providing embedded services (embedded finance) to their business. Outcomes:

    • generation of new revenue streams
    • greater engagement
    • significant brand strengthening
    • reduction of collection costs
    • extensive analytics and big data opportunities

Companies and their customers look for personalized, effortless financial solutions. Amid this context, CSU Digital stands out by adopting BaaS, which in addition to providing access and allowing our customers to offer extremely technological and personalized financial solutions, is also a gateway to offering other services including payments, loyalty, customer service and BPM.

Origination and Validation

Financial Transactions (wire transfer (TED), instant payment (PIX), withdrawal and bank slip)

Card as a Service (Bin Sponsor)

Financial Services Marketplace

APIs or White Label

Credit as a Service

Middle Office Ecosystem

Integrated into the CSU DX vertical, Middle-Office solutions play a pivotal role in our consolidation strategy as they boost the Company’s growth (new sales, cross-selling and up-selling) and further strengthen our work with customer.

Following one of the most important precepts of our business model, which we call “full service” and not only provides the entire technological infrastructure for financial services, but also assists in the operation and monetization. Our solutions allow customers to expand their financial products with quality and efficiency. This reflects our commitment to excellence in financial services.

Internally named HAS (Hyperautomation Systems), our hyperautomation solution is highly versatile, meeting a variety of demands such as:

    • onboarding,
    • fraud prevention,
    • exchange,
    • disputes and claims,
    • routine back-office activities,
    • and much more.

These tools address issues that are seemingly simple in processes such as sales, onboarding, credit approval, product release and transactions.

All this, through the massive use of technology to meet a growing volume of interactions and significantly reduce the response time for user demands and also cut down errors and effort in the companies’ back-office activities (frictionless experience). This approach not only improves efficiency, but also reduces operating costs for companies that adopt these systems.

Through the application of cutting edge Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Machine Learning, HAS is ready to revolutionize operations at companies, boosting the expansion of our business fronts and significantly broadening our margin generation potential.

Artificial Intelligence




Digital Experience Ecosystem

Observing the needs and evolution of our customers’ card operations, CSU Digital joined the Brazilian Customer Experience market. This segment progressed significantly in recent decades, evolving from just an ancillary service supporting sales of traditional contact centers, offered through a single communication channel (telephone), to become an option for integrated and supplementary services such as technical support, customer relationship related to cross selling, up selling and billing, in addition to a wide range of processing, back office and business process automation activities.

The need to interact with customers anytime, anywhere, on any channel, using any type of device demands the creation of an ecosystem of constant innovation, especially if each of these interactions are to be integrated with critical systems.

As technology evolved in recent years, the insertion of service robots, algorithms and machine learning, recognition and fraud prevention technologies as well as digital service channels, have become part of the reality of the industry.

Therefore, we have been directing our efforts to projects with greater added value and complexity, prioritizing those that demonstrate synergy with our other operating ecosystems.




Data Intelligence

IA / Machine Learning