Institution Recommendations Target Price Analyst E-mail Last Review
Brasil Plural Equal Weight R$ 11.60 Eduardo Nishio Mar/2018
Rubens Oliveira
Coinvalores Buy R$ 4.50 Felipe Martins Silveira May/2015
Eleven Financial Buy R$ 12.00 Adeodato Netto May/2018
Raphael Figueredo
Empíricus Sell Max Bohm May/2018
Suno Buy R$ 8.36 Rodrigo Wainberg May/2018
Tiago Reis
Tem uma Guerra Lá Fora Buy Bruce Barbosa May/2018

CSU is covered by the analysts listed above. Please, note that any opinions, estimatives or forecasts made by these analysts regarding the CSU’s performance, are exclusive based on their opinion and do not represent opinions, forecasts or predictions of the Company or its Management. The Company does not ensure that the list of analysts above is complete or updated, and the information available herein are subjected to authorization by the respective analysts.

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