Financial Technology

CSU Digital is the leading Brazilian technology company in digital solutions for digital payments, embedded finance, loyalty and incentive programs, in addition to customer experience.

Created in 1992 under the name CardSystem Ltda., the Company was the first independent processor of electronic payment methods, the first to work with the three major international brands simultaneously (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) in Brazil and the first to process payments for digital wallets in South America. Effectively changing the course of the history of the digital financial services ecosystem in Brazil by allowing numerous banks and companies from diverse sectors to effectively enter the credit market through the use of cards.

Over time, it has reinvented itself, adding fundamental solutions and skills that allowed it to reach a prominent position in the markets where it operates. The solutions developed allow companies to offer their final consumers a complete, uninterrupted experience integrated into their buying, contracting, payment, rewarding and service journeys, regardless of the industry in which they operate.

Combining the robustness, security, agility and scalability of its technological infrastructure with long-term operational and business expertise, the Company acts in a consultative manner, expeditiously implementing customized solutions for its customers and partners through APIs or white label platforms.

By offering innovative and different forms of relationship between their companies and their various target audiences, our customers gain access to new sources of revenue, their processes are optimized and their business performance is improved. All this, without the need to internalize structures or make large investments.

Portfolio and Business Divisions

Our portfolio was built in order to create a real convergence among the different solutions, fully aligned with the best practices of new economy and with the capacity to serve any company, regardless of size.

Currently, the Company is divided into two large business units, CSU Pays and CSU DX, which work in an integrated manner to meet the different demands and needs of our customers:

  • CSU Pays encompasses all cutting-edge solutions in digital payments, loyalty and incentives, and Embedded Finance, including card processing for issuers and acquirers in the credit, debit, digital and virtual modalities, the offer of digital wallets, instant payments (Pix) and cryptocurrencies, among others, always in a fluid, agile and scalable way.
  • On the other hand, CSU DX focuses on the development of customer experience solutions with high technological and digital density, directing efforts to projects with greater added value and complexity.

Financial and Operational Solidity


Years in the market




B2B Clients

Financial and Operational Solidity

The Company has a long and consistent history of positive results, both operational and financial, which evolve together with the advances achieved in its offer of products, services and its technological platform.

Currently, CSU has around 4,7 thousand employees located in the regions of São Paulo, Barueri, Recife, Belo Horizonte and Miami. In 2006, it was the first company in its segment to go public on the B3, becoming part of the highest level of corporate governance, the Novo Mercado segment, under the ticker CSUD3.