1. 1992

    Marcos Ribeiro Leite creates CardSystem Ltda, Brazil's first independent processor of electronic payment methods and the first company in the country to work with the three main international card flags simultaneously (Visa, MasterCard and American Express).

  2. 1997

    With the entry of private equity investors, in parallel with the acquisition of UPSI Informática, the company is renamed CSU CardSystem S.A.

  3. 2000

    MarketSystem begins operations (part of CSU Pays), a division initially focused exclusively on loyalty solutions, and which over time has encompassed incentive solutions for marketplaces.

  4. 2001

    TeleSystem (now CSU DX) began operations, providing BPO services for customers of the CardSystem division (now CSU Pays).

  5. 2003

    The CSU Institute, the Company's social responsibility initiative, was founded.

  6. 2006

    CSU CardSystem, already consolidated as the largest independent card processor in Latin America, becomes the first company in its segment to go public on the B3 under the code CARD3 (Currently CSUD3), being listed on the Novo Mercado, the highest level of corporate governance of the Brazilian stock exchange.

  7. 2013

    Launch of new solutions and business fronts: Marketplace (OPTe+), C360 and CSU ITS, winning new contracts in all business fronts.

  8. 2018

    Resumption of providing processing service to acquirers.

  9. 2019

    Start of investments with the consequent strategic redirection of the Company to a complete, end-to-end platform of technological solutions for financial services to include all payment methods (credit, debit, digital and virtual cards, the offer of digital wallets, payment via Pix and cryptocurrencies, among others).

  10. 2022

    Launch of the new CSU Digital brand, business divisions are renamed CSU Pays and CSU DX to reflect the company’s broader positioning, new ticker on B3 becomes CSUD3, new payment products launched and Record Operating and Financial Results. Beginning of the internationalization process with the opening of our 1st office in Miami, USA.