CSU was the first company in its industry to go public.

Since 2006, the Company’s shares have been traded (under ticker symbol “CARD3”) on the B3 Novo Mercado listing segment, which represents the highest level of corporate governance.

CSU is controlled by Greeneville Dellaware LLC, controlled indirectly by the Company’s CEO, Marcos Ribeiro Leite.

CSU’s subscribed capital consists of 41.8 million common shares (ON).

The following table sets forth the principal holders of CSU outstanding common shares and their respective shareholding.


Controlling 22,628,692 54.1%
           Greeneville Delaware LLC 22,591,192 54.0%
           Marcos Ribeiro Leite 37,500 0.1%
Free Float 18,493,267 44.2%
Treasury 656,679 1.6%
Management 21,362 0.1%
TOTAL CARD3 41,800,000 100.00%

Data base: 04/19/2022